Pastor of attacked church testifies

CAIRO: The church was hosting two weddings; one of them had ended and the guests were going out, while the guests of the second were waiting outside, pastor of Virgin Mary Church Yostos Kamel told al-Warraq prosecution Wednesday.
Four people were killed and 18 were injured Sunday when two gunmen on a motorbike open fire using an automatic rifle shot a wedding crowd out of the Al-Warraq Church.
The prosecution of al-Warraq on Monday summoned the pastor of Virgin Mary church to testify Tuesday about the armed attack on the church Sunday evening.
He added that the element of surprise and the short duration of the attack made it difficult for everyone to clearly see the assailants.
“I was inside the church when the attack took place. I got out when I heard the shooting and screams. I found blood on the ground and the victims’ bodies lying in the courtyard,” said pastor Yostos.
In his testimony, Kamel said he saw two men on a motorcycle that stopped in front of the church, and then one of them opened fire. It took about two minutes and they fled away, he added.
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